The Birth of My Coaching Project

Sunrise on Phu Chi FaImage source: “Sunrise on Phu Chi Fa” © Tom Marshall on Flickr

I love personal development, personal success and life coaching. Developing myself and helping others are two of the most important core values of me. Naturally, being a coach has become my goal while I’m having a full time and stable job which is totally irrelevant.

Besides reading loads of related articles or books, listening to related podcasts and joining coaching programs myself, “I could do something more” suddenly came up to my mind a few days ago. I decided to share my knowledge, experiences and skills. Therefore I start My Coaching Project.

In addition to my regular posts, I’m also happy to offer coaching services for free to any of you who are willing to share your stories and problems with me. You may doubt what my intention is while others are charging thousands of bucks for that. To be frank, I’d love to be a professional coach some day. Yet, I believe that success and money naturally come after you have provided valuable services. I believe in my own values. So at this moment, I am very keen on practicing my coaching skills, obtaining adequate relevant experiences and a good reputation. I believe that this experience is precious to my friends here, my potential clients in future and more importantly myself.

To learn more about the free coaching service, please click here.



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