Power of The Mind

Image Source: “Sleepless” © white ribbons on Flickr

As I mentioned at the very beginning, I love personal development. It could refer to any kinds of growth related to us personally. Among all different streams, I am most interested in the MIND. It’s kind of a tricky choice, as it in fact relates too all aspects.

I believe in the power of our mind. This may involve studies or theories in psychology , physiology, the Law of Attraction, willpower, empirical researches, or anything related you can name. You may choose to neglect some if it is not your cup of tea. Yet, what I want to stress is that we cannot neglect how our mind power can affect our environment and our life.

I don’t want to put it a magical and superstitious way. Let’s focus on some examples of the power of our mind with scientific proofs:

  1. The most famous example and that most of us are familiar with is the placebo effect. For its detailed definition and history, you may refer to Wikipedia. Simply speaking, a sugar pill can work as well as, or better than, a medically proven treatment.
  2. A study conducted by Glen Rein, Mike Atkinson and Rollin McCraty (Posted in the Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Volume 8, Number 2, Summer 1995) proved that positive emotions produced a significant increase in salivary Immunoglobulin-A levels (an antibody that plays a critical role in mucosal immunity) and the effect could last for hours.Original Study: www.aipro.info/drive/File/228.pdf
  3. In a study conducted by scientists fromHarvardUniversity, some Tibetan monks demonstrated that they could control their body temperatures with meditation.Harvard’s archive: http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/2002/04.18/09-tummo.html

All I want to say is…

Do not underestimate the power hidden in your mind.



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