Impressing Others

Image Source: “self au premier degré” © Jean on Flickr

I’m not trying to share tips to impress a gal or a guy at first sight. I would like to discuss about the mind set to impress others in the perspective of a successful person.

First of all, a successful person does not intend to put impressing others as his/her objective of doing anything.

They just feel that they are successful.

When you feel and believe that you are successful in your heart, you will naturally be able to:

  • Look into others’ eyes, smile and talk assertively (no explanation required)
  • Listen to others’ words carefully and patiently (you know that it can benefit yourself. You know that creative ideas and sometimes money ideas are hidden in daily conversation!)
  • Think of new ideas or questions from a conversation (you believe in your creativity)
  • Feel free to express your ideas or ask your questions (you just don’t find it fearful to be laughed at or looked down on)
  • Act friendly and politely to others (rude and arrogant behaviors are found on people with overemphasized ego)

Believe it or not, BEING a successful person in your heart can make your every single posture or word dazzling.

Try to think of your past experiences. Is there any experience in your life that you talk to people just like a social star? Try to recall the combinations of the people there, the scenario, and what you have just experienced…

I’m pretty sure that there was something that made you feel really good about yourself.

And that’s the feeling.

Next time before any gatherings or meetings, spend some time reminding yourself …

I am great! I am creative! I am successful! I am a rock star!


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