“change fate” © CrazyFast on Flickr

We need to experience changes from day to day. Some people find it hard to swallow, some people anticipate it. I’d like to introduce to you another perspective to see the word “Change”.

That is “Growth“.

What does personal growth mean to you? To me, it’s an important purpose of my life. It is a continuous life-long progression.

I assume that we all want to pursue success in our own terms. Do you think that success would fall onto you suddenly without any changes?

As you might have learned from your dad and elementary school teacher, if you improve your productivity by 1% a day, after 100 days, you would have been 100% more efficient than today. This tiny little change may help you succeed in a long term.

And if you know something about Law of Attraction, Willpower, Positive Thinking, or whatever theories, you should probably notice that you need to at least change your beliefs! And my experiences and my interpretation of these theories suggest that we also need to change our attitudes and behaviors according to the change of our beliefs.

In other words, without changes which can be small or large, psychologically or physically or in any format, you cannot approach success. Even if you may find that some changes seem negative and difficult, please bear in mind that you can learn something from it and you simply NEED it to grow.

Each change is one step to our success. Each change is growth in our lives.

Let’s welcome and celebrate changes!



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