“Focus” © Michael Dales on Flickr

When we talk about not being negative, does it mean forgetting or ignoring all the bad things or potential issues? What we talk about being positive, does it mean creating good things in your head and not dealing with all the not-so-good things?

No, I don’t think so.

When something bad happens, a negative person would probably lose his/her confidence in future as he/she pays all the attention on the past tragedies. On the other hand, a positive person focuses on the good things he/she has encountered and the possible bright side of the current scenario.

The key differentiation is the focus.

More specifically, you still have to acknowledge all the realistic situations and evaluate all the worst things that could happen. But then you need to learn to:

  1. appreciate all you have and all that is not the worst of all
  2. pay your attention to the future, the possible bright future

These might be something you have also thought of, but you really need to FOCUS on them in order to be positive.

Be aware of your focus. Remind yourself of the above. Experience a totally new world.



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