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Praise is a beautiful thing. To live a beautiful life, you need to be around with them.

Praising is not only spreading out beautiful and positive energy, more importantly, it reflects your self image. Some people who are in poor self image would probably feel bad when they praise others as it makes them aware and acknowledge the comparison between themselves and others. If you are confident enough in yourself and your future, you should have a positive view on this situation. It doesn’t mean that you need to blindly believe that you are always the best one in the world. You could be grateful for such a role model for you to learn from. You could be excited about your future to be just like this person. Even if it’s not something you can learn from, e.g. someone’s beautiful face, you can still appreciate the beauty which pleases your eyes. Moreover, your generosity to show your appreciation to others indicates that you believe that these praises and appreciation are indeed in abundance. For this point of view, I recommend that you read this post on Blue Heron Wisdom. The author described her struggling about showing appreciation to others and her old thought:

If I acknowledge their gifts, then it reduces the possibility of me having gifts as wonderful as theirs, since there is only a limited amount of brilliance.

What about receiving praises?

Many people are not used to being praised. Some were taught to be humble and usually decline all the appreciation and their own values. They think that this is politeness and humbleness.

This is so wrong.

This kind of declination sends out a negative feedback regarding your values to the Universe as well as implants this message in your subconscious mind. If you want to succeed in your life, this belief needs to be eliminated.

You do worth it.

So what should you do when you hear a praise? Just accept and thank for the praises humbly. In your heart, appreciate the praises and acknowledges them objectively. Of course, you need to be conscious and aware of your ego (this could be a long topic and let’s talk about it in a separate post later). But remember, your objective is to positively encourage your subconscious mind and slowly strengthen the belief in yourself.

The hardest part should be acknowledging the praises. This takes time for practicing and mastering it. Here comes a suggestion for your initial change:

  • Change the praises into a powerful yet objective statement.
    E.g. from “You’re the most talented artist in the city!” to “I am a talented artist whose works are recognized.”
  • Write it down in your journal or notebook.
  • Repeat the statement confidently either aloud or in your mind for at least 10 times
  • Revisit the statement regularly, e.g. weekly, in future



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