Manage Your Body

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I’ve been quite busy lately, but I still try my best to squeeze out some time for exercises in the morning before work. It’s not easy but I think a good body shape is important (as a good health).

Here, you may define your own “good body shape”. But I still insist that it’s important to your life.

Some people may say that it is just a superficial way to view a person. Some may say that they never lack self confidence because of their overweight bodies. Some may say that spending a lot of time in a gym is not how life’s supposed to be… Many people just have their reasons not to put an effort to keep a good body shape.

Why is it important to me?

First, to those who want to succeed in life, you definitely need a good health for your success. You need to feel vital in order to be energetic and passionate. And I believe there is adequate of information about how a good body shape relates to a good health.

Second, it helps a lot on having a positive self image, which Dr. Maxwell Maltz (the author of Psycho-Cybernetics) believed to be able to lead to a more successful and fulfilling life. Just take a few minutes, image yourself having your dream body in a simple tee and jeans. I’m sure you just feel different.

OK, I don’t spend too much time on these two parts as I want to talk about another point of view of mine.

Sometimes, I just feel the need to conquer my body.

We fight for a good health, yet there is still a lot of uncertainty. We workout for a good body shape, there should be no way to fail with some proper training (except for some rare diseases). You workout, and you’re in shape. To me, it’s like a certification exam. Through body training, I’m training and testing out my own endurance and persistence.

I would say…

If I cannot conquer my body, how can I conquer the environment?

The first two points mentioned above should be strong enough to convince you  that you should train your body. But my experience is that this “conquer my body to win” belief is a great one to motivate me into shape. Hope you’d find it helpful for you too.



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